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The Dynamic & Interactive

K-6 SEL Enrichment Program


Sami's unique approach of combining social emotional lessons with kinesthetic learning creates a strong, memorable connection with students, staff, teachers, and families through his videos, assemblies, and live streaming events.


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What's is Sami's Circuit?


Sami's Circuit is a K-6 social emotional learning program that combines the CASEL 5 Framework with kinesthetic learning. Our program features a series of engaging, weekly videos designed to be easily incorporated into classrooms or after-school sites. This energetic, interactive program requires no staff trainings or prep work. It's the ideal SEL supplement for both schools and after-school programs!

Never Give Up, the Sami Kader Story

What started as local school assemblies and a fun way to get kids moving, has evolved into a powerful, popular weekly video program where youth motivational speaker Sami Kader teaches kids about the social emotional tools they can use to overcome any obstacle. 

“Never Give Up” reveals the backstory of Sami’s childhood and the origins of his passion for spreading positivity and helping kids discover the powers within themselves. Discover how in 2020, when faced with three of the most difficult challenges in his life all in the same week, Sami had to use the same advice that he had been giving to kids for years. 

Small Accomplishments:
The Key to Building Self-Confidence

At the core of Sami's Circuit is the belief that the path to self-confidence begins with small accomplishments. These tiny triumphs are more than just wins; they are the building blocks of self-belief and resilience. When individuals, especially children, experience consistent success in completing tasks or achieving goals, it sends a powerful message to their self-esteem.

Our program is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment where students can experience these small accomplishments regularly. Through engaging, interactive activities, we empower students to tackle challenges, learn from setbacks, and discover their innate capabilities.


We love teaming up with passionate educators to instill a sense of self-confidence and achievement that lasts a lifetime.

"This school year was the first time I heard of Sami's Circuit. Our entire elementary school participates. The kids literally jump up and down with joy when they hear we will watching Sami that day."

Sami's Circuit: What People are Saying

“I began using Sami's videos and quickly learned his impact on my student's emotional health. Not only did I see an improvement in my students' emotional health, Sami also impacted me to be a more positive person. Students began telling me that they would feel better once we "did Sami’s Circuit." As you know, when students feel better, they do better, and this was definitely the case with my class.”

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you. My child is a 1st grader at Cobblestone Elementary. Your message really resonated with her. It was really cool to hear her describe your story. To hear a 6 year old put it into her own words - it was really powerful - to her and to me. So thank you for what you are and what you're doing!!!"


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