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Empower Your School: Engaging SEL Videos for Student Success

Sami’s Circuit produces a series of weekly, engaging 20-minute videos for the K-6 students in your classrooms or after school sites. Teachers, substitute teachers, and site staff love how easy this program is to use - no prep time or trainings needed!


Each video contains messages we ALL need to hear. Students learn to use their "Circuit of Powers" in any situation - increasing resiliency, strengthening self-management, building relationships, and setting achievable goals. 

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For schools & programs in California

For programs outside of California

A long time ago,
in a school not that far away...

...Sami's Circuit emerged, pioneering a groundbreaking approach to self-respect and self-esteem through physical activity.


Over the following eight years, Sami reached tens of thousands of children through his school assemblies.


Now, Sami has expanded his impact by creating an engaging weekly SEL video program, emphasizing the vital role of social-emotional learning, growth mindset, and movement in fostering student success.



Patricia Horn


Caroline Hines, M.S.

Elementary School SEL Counselor

Joshua Joseph


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