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At age eight, Sami Kader began gaining weight and facing rejection from those around him. Throughout his elementary, junior high, and early high school years, he was mocked, bullied, and generally unaccepted by his peers. At age 16, a family friend intervened and insisted that Sami join him on his daily trips to the gym. By age 18, he had lost over 100 pounds and landed a job at a nationwide chain of health clubs. 


Now a youth motivational speaker, Sami has received local and national media coverage for his work with the youth in his community. Sami’s mission is teaching our youth how to feel confident and be successful, through setting achievable goals that pave the path to success. For more about Sami, please see the links below.

Biography video


Want to know more about Sami and what motivates him to continue his important work with the youth in our community? Click on the above video and learn about the obstacles Sami overcame to find his passion and mission in life.

Heroes and Helping Hands


In 2016, Sami was honored to be one of the Heroes and Helping Hands featured on KVIE's Rob on the Road's special episode. Click the above video to see Sami's interview with Rob Stewart.

Sami's Circuit - in action!


After Sami's kick-off assembly where he shares his story of overcoming obstacles and building self-esteem, Sami leads kids (and teachers!) in an energetic, upbeat Circuit. Click the video above to get a little glimpse of what Sami's Circuit is all about.

Sacramento Parent Magazine


Click above to read a wonderful article that Sac Parent Magazine published about Sami, his family, and what inspires him to do the work that he does.

Sami vs. The Negative Voice


Sami brings his childhood struggles with self-respect to life through the pages of his new children's book, Sami vs. The Negative Voice. Click the picture above to see a sneak preview!