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Engaging Stories to Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Discover Sami's inspiring children's books and activity journal, designed to help kids build self-esteem, overcome obstacles, and develop a growth mindset. Based on the true childhood experiences of motivational speaker Sami Kader, these books bring social-emotional learning to life through engaging stories and activities. Order your copies today!
In Sami vs. The Negative Voice, Sami shares his childhood struggles with self-respect and how he battled his inner critic. Based on true experiences, this book helps build self-esteem in youth through healthy living.
When nine-year-old Sami faces a new challenge at school, he learns that his positive words can only go so far in keeping negativity at bay. With the help of his friend Ronny, Sami embarks on a quest to overcome his self-doubt and achieve the seemingly impossible. In this heartwarming tale, young readers will learn the invaluable lesson that success isn’t about being the fastest or the best; it’s about believing in yourself and taking small, achievable steps toward your dreams. 
Sami and the Circuit of Powers tells the story of Sami and his friend Ronny, and their powerful combination of social-emotional and physical tools to keep them happy and healthy. With Ronny moving away, Sami must rely on his newfound tools to overcome obstacles and create a growth mindset.
Don't miss out on Sami's activity book/journal, filled with 38 weeks of fun and engaging activities for kids. Perfectly complementing our Sami's Circuit On Demand program that combines social emotional learning with the power of movement.
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