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The story of friends Sami and Ronny continues as Ronny introduces Sami to the Circuit of Powers - a powerful combination of social-emotional and physical tools that can be used in any situation to keep us happy and healthy. But when Ronny shares the sad news that he’s moving away, will Sami be able to use what he’s learned, without his friend? Youth motivational speaker Sami Kader of Sami’s Circuit brings his childhood story to life once again in this book about overcoming obstacles and creating a growth mindset. This book is a perfect accompaniment to the Sami's Circuit On Demand program, which combines social emotional learning with the power of movement.

Sami vs The Negative Voice

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Sami brings his childhood struggles with self-respect to life through the pages of his children’s book,  Sami vs. The Negative Voice.

In Sami vs. The Negative Voice, a young Sami struggles to fit in at school, but an embarrassing incident on the playground creates “The Negative Voice,” a monster only visible to Sami, that convinces him he’ll never be accepted…until he’s finally shown a way to battle the Negative Voice that lives inside all of us. Based on the true childhood experiences of motivational speaker Sami Kader, this book supports Sami's mission of building self-esteem in our youth through healthy living - starting on the inside.

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