The K-6 Program That Brings

Social-Emotional Learning to Life!

Sami’s Circuit On Demand is a series of weekly, 20-minute videos that can be watched in the classroom or sent to students to view at home.


Each video combines social-emotional tools with the power of movement. Students learn to use their "Circuit of Powers" in any situation - increasing resiliency, strengthening self-management, building relationships, and setting achievable goals.


Because parent involvement is a key factor in reinforcing the program’s messages, Quarterly Virtual Family Nights are included in the program. Best of all - there is NO extra work involved for teachers or school staff - just plug ‘n play!



This 2-minute video explains how the program works, from the weekly emails with new videos, to the worksheets with conversation starters, to the Virtual Livestreaming Family Nights.

For a downloadable PDF, click here.

  • Weekly, 20-minute videos that can be played in the classroom or be sent to students to view at home
    • Videos combine social-emotional tools and movement/exercise
  • Quarterly Virtual Family Nights - livestreaming events on YouTube only available to subscribers
  • Both of Sami's children's books available in electronic format
  • No extra work for teachers/staff - just plug 'n play!


Growth Mindset
Sami uses the power of positive thinking and words to promote a growth mindset, leading to increased engagement.
Movement & Mindfulness
The power of movement promotes cognitive function and improves students' moods - leading to increased academic performance.
Role Model Relationship
The weekly videos create and reinforce a bond between Sami and students. Strong relationships are key to building resilience.
Family Engagement
Engaging families contributes to improving student learning outcomes when integrated into all goals and initiatives, including social-emotional learning.

Sami's Circuit on Demand includes 4 Virtual, Live-streamed Family Night Events! (one each quarter - from 6pm to 7pm)

  • All families of schools that subscribe are welcome to participate

  • Links are sent to teachers/staff in advance

  • Each Family Night will have a different theme

  • A link to a prize raffle will be announced at the end of each Family Night


  • Recognition/shout-outs for highest-attendance schools

  • NEW: School with the highest combined attendance at all Family Nights will win a free day of classroom visits from Sami!



A long time ago,

in a school not that far away...

...Sami's Circuit was launched, and started a revolutionary new way of approaching self-respect and self-esteem: through exercise. 

Over the past 8 years, Sami's Circuit has been a part of tens of thousands of children's lives through school assemblies and family nights. 

And now, through this engaging video program, Sami's message is growing bigger and better - incorporating the critical role that social and emotional learning, growth mindset, and exercise play in promoting student success.



"Sami is amazing for our students. There is a buzz around campus on Sami's Circuit days--attendance is always high and the positive energy bounces around every classroom. As a parent, my kids loved doing the Sami's Circuit exercises online. Sami brings positive messages and fun exercises that boost self-esteem and promote a healthy life. Thank you for what you do for our school's kids. YOU. ARE. AMAZING!"

- Rich Chandler

Assistant Principal

"Sami's Circuit has made a huge impact on our students, staff, and families! His encouraging words, enthusiasm, and "Never give up" attitude has become a part of our collective mindset and school community. Parents have shared that their children continue to utilize the positive self-talk and healthy habits at home. We are so grateful for Sami's Circuit and the important social-emotional skills he teachers our students!"

- Caroline Hines, M.S.

Elementary School Counselor

"Sami Kader is extremely passionate about the mental and physical wellbeing of every student. He motivates kids through his FUN and DYNAMIC Circuit. Sami has the ability to give kids courage to NEVER GIVE UP!


Simply put - Sami's Circuit works!"

- Jon Kaye

Physical Education Teacher