Family Nights

Since January I have had 10 Sami's Circuit Family Nights in the greater Sacramento area, with an average of 150 parents and kids attending each one. The idea of the Family Night started out as an add-on to my school program, but now it has grown into one of the most essential parts.

Geting parents involved in health and fitness is SO important. It makes me so happy that the kids I interact with at these schools are going home and motiving their entire family to come out and get healthy with them. It is a great thing to see.

Each of these nights starts out about the same - there are always about 20 or so parents that just stand off to the side, as would be the normal thing for them to do when taking their kids to an afterschool event. But by the middle of the first circuit round, many of them are so inspired by the energy around them that they are joining in, too. Other parents come up to me to explain that they have a past injury or suffer from physical pain/ailments and simply cannot participate. I ask them, "Can you give a high five?" It really is that simple. It isn't all about the exercises, it's about being there together as a family and supporting each other every step of the way.

As I'm leading each circuit, I look out and often see toddlers and preschoolers watching their parents and getting excited at trying to mimic their movements. That's how early this positive association needs to begin. That's why I encourage every member of the family to join in at these school events, and why I host the free circuit in Roseville on Saturday mornings for all ages. If you haven't had the experience of Sami's Circuit with your entire family, I'm telling you, you've got to try it. Many people have told me it has brought their family closer together to have this fun, positive bonding time.

I look back on my own childhood and wish my school had a program like this. So thank you to everyone who comes out to my circuit and my Family Nights, and thank you to all of the schools who have seen the value in bringing Sami's Circuit to their students!

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