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Will Sami's Circuit On Demand returning for the 23-24 school year?
Yes! My weekly video program has reached over 250 schools all over California. I will be in the studio producing new content all summer, for release in the fall!

How do I renew my subscription to the program, or get a proposal quote?
You can click here to send me a message and I can get a quote/proposal started for your school ASAP. Or, talk to your principal about your interest in renewing!

What about in-person visits? Are you offering those?
School and After School Program visits are available only as an add-on to the On Demand program. Dates will fill up fast, so I cannot guarantee availability until booked. Please contact me for more information.

How about in-person family nights?
Our Virtual Livestreaming Family nights have been very popular and will continue to be a part of the program. An in-person Family Night can be purchased only as an add-on to the On Demand program, but are very limited in availability.

Will I have access to the videos over the summer?
If your subscription is active, Yes! Weekly emails will not be sent out during the summer break, but the full video catalog is still available to active subscribers. Please refer to your previous Sami's Circuit On Demand emails for the Video Catalog link and password (please do not share the password).

How can I help make Sami's Circuit On Demand even better?
Your feedback is valued! If you haven't yet, please fill out my survey by clicking here. Thank you!

Have other questions?
Click here to send me a question and I'll be happy to answer it!


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